New Job!

September 12, 2009

I have now been in my new role as the Director of the Infrared Training Center at FLIR for 5 weeks and have enjoyed every minute of it. In addition to my training background, I have already tapped into many of the marketing, sales, customer service, and negotiation skills I’ve developed at Paper Moon. Although they clearly operate on different planes, the two business models are more similar than I would have predicted. It’s a significant step up in my career and will clearly challenge me, but I already feel that it is a better fit for my skillset than any role I’ve ever had.



June 11, 2009

I am excited about the prospect of seeing my interview published in the “Across the Pond” column in the July edition of Training Journal, the number one industry publication in the UK. Once posted, it will appear here under “Opinion Harrison Monarth”, the gentleman who interviewed me.


ASP.NET Project: Update

June 11, 2009

I have posted the first iteration of my ASP.NET database front-end here.

Please visit, peruse, try to break it, and send comments/questions to me. The instructions for logging in are on the home page.

First ASP.NET project

May 31, 2009

Used Visual Studio Web Developer for my first ASP.NET project — an online calendar generated in realtime from the SQL class registration database that we’ve been using at my business (Paper Moon Dance Center) for the past 18 months. Previously we had been using Crystal Reports to generate a PDF which then had to be manually posted on our web server. The format was pleasant and it printed out very nicely, but posting it took too many steps and it had to be re-posted every time a change was made to the database. The new calendar can currently be viewed on our own web server here. The old one looks like this. We will probably deploying the new version in the next few days.

Ultimately, I hope to replace our entire VB-based front end application with a web-based version so that our customers can sign themselves up for classes (and pay for them?) over the ‘net.

Adobe Captivate

May 7, 2009

In anticipation for an interview for a contract Instructional Design interview, I downloaded a trial copy of Adobe Captivate a few days ago and spent a few hours doing a trial online training module on Basic Dreamweaver. The result is posted here.

It is very simple, but it should serve to demonstrate: 1) how quickly I can learn new technology; 2) my understanding of ID principles, and 3) my knowledge of the basics of Dreamweaver.

Hello world!

May 7, 2009

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